Singing Syllabus

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Singing Syllabus 2019

  • Section closed for online entries.

  • 14 to 22 March 2019

  • Godalming Baptist Church

  • To enter using a paper entry form please contact section secretary


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  • All Enquiries to:

    Mr Richard North and Mrs Elizabeth North

    5 Ferndown Court
    43 Frensham Road
    Lower Bourne
    GU10 3PZ

    01252 794802
    [email protected]

Our Adjudicator: Neil Jenkins

Neil has been a professional singer for over forty years.  He made his solo debut in 1967 and sang and recorded with the Deller Consort while establishing himself as an opera singer at Kent Opera.  Later, he was appointed as an RCM singing professor by Sir David Willcocks while developing his career as an Operatic, Oratorio and Recital singer.  He combined this with a role as a musicologist.

Neil has sung with all of Britain’s leading opera companies, and was associated with Kent Opera, Scottish Opera, WNO and Glyndebourne for many years.  He worked for WNO for 30 years, commencing as Count Almaviva to Thomas Allen’s Figaro in the early 1970s, and was with them most recently for a production of Verdi’s Falstaff which was televised.  Neil has been honoured by the Worshipful Company of Musicians with the presentation of the Sir Charles Santley Memorial Award for his professional achievements.

2007 marked the 40th anniversary of his London debut. He is president of a number of Choral Societies as well as being Patron of the Goldsmiths Choral Union.  He is in demand as an Adjudicator at competitive festivals and as a Masterclass tutor at venues such as Jackdaws.  2017 marked his 50th year as a professional singer.


Classes and Prices:

ReferenceClassTrophyTime LimitFee
SS01Singing Year 6 & underCHALLENGE CUP4 minutes£5.00
Year 6 & under should be any carol, folk song or similar form & style
SS02Singing Year 7 - 9CHALLENGE CUP4 minutes£5.00
SS03Singing Year 10 - 11CHALLENGE CUP5 minutes£6.00
SS04Singing Year 12 - 13CHALLENGE CUP5 minutes£6.00
SS05Female Voice 18 - 30 yearsFESTIVAL GOBLET6 minutes£7.00
SS06Male Voice 18 - 30 yearsCLIVE MELLERSH CUP6 minutes£7.00
SS07Male or Female Voice 31 + yearsROSE BOWL5 minutes£6.00
Novice Solos are for performers who have not had more than 4 terms tuition by 1 Jan
SS08Novice Class Year 13 & under5 minutes£6.00
SS09Novice Class 18 - 30 years5 minutes£6.00
SS10Novice Class 31 + years5 minutes£6.00
Disney & Musical Show
SS11Disney Year 4 - 6CHALLENGE CUP4 minutes£5.00
SS12Disney Year 7 - 9CHALLENGE CUP4 minutes£5.00
SS13Musical Show Year 6 & under5 minutes£6.00
SS14Musical Show Year 7 - 95 minutes£6.00
SS15Musical Show Year 10 - 116 minutes£7.00
SS16Musical Show Year 12 - 136 minutes£7.00
The JOY POULTER CUP is awarded for the best performance in Musical Show classes up to Year 13
SS17Musical Show 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS18Musical Show 31 + years6 minutes£7.00
SS19Opera Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS20Opera 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS21Opera 31 + years6 minutes£7.00
The GERALDINE WENSLEY TROPHY is awarded for the best performance in Opera classes
SS22Light Opera, Operetta or Gilbert & Sullivan Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS23Light Opera, Operetta or Gilbert & Sullivan 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS24Light Opera, Operetta or Gilbert & Sullivan 31+ years6 minutes£7.00
The FESTIVAL GOBLET is awarded for the best performance in Light Opera classes
Traditional Folk Song & Ballad
SS25Folk Song Year 13 &under6 minutes£7.00
SS26Folk Song 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS27Folk Song 31 + yearsSYLVIA MYERS TROPHY6 minutes£7.00
A Ballad is a song that tells a story or narrative and can be classified as traditional, broadside or literary
SS28Ballad Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS29Ballad 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS30Ballad 31 + years6 minutes£7.00
The CHARLES BROWN CUP is awarded for the best performance in Ballad classes
National Song
SS31English Song Year 13 & under
ROBIN WELLS CUP6 minutes£7.00
SS32English Song 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS33English Song 31 + years
A French Song is by a French Composer and to be sung in French
SS34French Song Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS35French Song 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS36French Song 31 + years
FESTIVAL GOBLET6 minutes£7.00
SS37Italian Bel Canto Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS38Italian Bel Canto 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS39Italian Bel Canto 31 + years6 minutes£7.00
Lieder are songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Mahler, Wolf or Richard Strauss
SS40Lieder Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS41Lieder 18 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS42Lieder 31 + years
FESTIVAL GOBLET6 minutes£7.00
Voice Recital
3 contrasting songs (may include one song from a show).
A mark of at least 84 must be achieved.
Choice of programme and presentation will be taken into account.
SS43Recital Year 13 & underCLAIRE VRONTALIMIS Award15 minutes£12.00
SS44Recital 18 -30 yearsANN LAMPARD Award + £10015 minutes£12.00
SS45Recital 31 + yearsMELLERSH CUP15 minutes£12.00
Sacred Song
SS46Year 13 & under6 minutes£7.00
SS4718 - 30 years6 minutes£7.00
SS4831 + yearsJOSEPH LEE MEMORIAL TROPHY6 minutes£7.00
Singing Duets & Ensembles
A Duet is two people singing two different melody lines at the same time
SS49Duet Year 13 & underJUNIOR DUET TROPHY7 minutes£9.00
SS50Duet 18 - 30 years7 minutes£9.00
SS51Duet 31 + years7 minutes£9.00
SS52Ensemble any ageWINIFRED HART TROPHY8 minutes£10.00
The BORRELL CHALLENGE CUPS are awarded for the best performance in Ensemble classes 18 years & above
Additional Trophies
The SOLO SINGING TROPHY is awarded for the most promising female performance.
The FRANK NORRIS TROPHY is awarded for the most promising male performance.