Piano Syllabus

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Piano Syllabus 2019

  • Section closed for online entries.

  • Section dates from 8 to 13 March 2019.

  • Borough Hall, Godalming and St Catherine’s School, Bramley

  • To enter using a paper entry form please contact section secretary


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  • All Enquiries to:

    Mrs Marietta Gardner

    2 Austen Road
    GU1 3NP

    01483 827450
    [email protected]

Our Adjudicator:

Ruth Gerald FRCM Mus. Bac (Adelaide) ARCM LRAM

Ruth Gerald was Head of Keyboard Studies at the Royal College of Music 1992 to 1999 and previously Head of Keyboard at the Birmingham School of Music.

Educated in Australia, she gained a Bachelor of Music degree from Adelaide University and continued with postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music where she was a gold medallist.

Her career has always pursued a very wide path including solo recitals, concertos, chamber music, accompanying, adjudicating, examining and teaching. She has given Masterclasses and seminars in UK and abroad and is actively involved in many aspects of the work of the ABRSM.


Piano Classes and Prices

Piano Specific Rules:

  1. Except for Set Piece classes, music for all classes in this section is OWN CHOICE of one piece, unless specified otherwise, and a copy must be provided for the Adjudicator.
  2. Players should not enter inexperienced AND advanced classes.
  3. More advanced players should enter challenge and recital classes.
  4. It is permissible to play Set Pieces in other classes, providing a player does not play the same piece in more than one class.
  5. TIME LIMITS given are generous.  Use of a shorter piece will not be penalised but the performance will have marks deducted if the time limit is exceeded significantly.
ReferenceClassTrophyTime LimitEntry Fee
An adjudication will be given but no marks awarded
PO01Piano up to Year 3 - 1 or 2 pieces can be played2 minutes£5.00
PO02Piano Year 4 - 6 - 1 or 2 pieces can be played3 minutes£5.00
PO03Piano Year 7 - 115 minutes£6.00
PO04Piano Sixth form & Adult6 minutes£7.00
Own choice of one piece from any current examination list
No age limit for this class. An adjudication will be given but no marks awarded.
PO05Piano Grade 2 or 32 minutes£5.00
PO06Piano Grade 4 or 53 minutes£5.00
PO07Piano Grade 6 or 75 minutes£6.00
Competitive Inexperienced
No more than four terms tuition by 1 January in beginner classes
PO08Beginner piano up to Year 6 -1 or 2 pieces can be played3 minutes£5.00
PO09Beginner piano Year 7 and above - 1 or 2 pieces can be played3 minutes£5.00
The BEGINNERS' CUP is awarded for the best performance in beginner classes
PO10Set piece piano up to Year 3£5.00
Whirleybird from Up-Grade! Piano Grades 0-1 by Pam Wedgwood (Faber Music)
PO11Set piece piano up to Year 4£5.00
Menuet in D minor by JS Bach from The Best of Grade 2 Piano (Faber Music)
PO12Set piece piano up to Year 5£5.00
Les Pifferari (The Italian Bagpipes) by Gounod from A Keyboard Anthology (Second Series, Book II, Grades 3 & 4) (ABRSM, ed. Howard Ferguson)
PO13Set piece piano up to Year 6£5.00
A Little Joke by Kabalevsky from Twentieth Century Real Repertoire (Faber editions, Trinity Repertoire Library)
Own Choice
PO14Piano up to Year 5, up to & including Grade 32 minutes£5.00
PO15Piano Year 6 & 7 up to & including Grade 43 minutes£5.00
PO16Piano Year 8 & 9, up to & including Grade 53 minutes£5.00
PO17Piano Year 10 - 11, up to & including Grade 64 minutes£6.00
PO18Piano Year 12- 13, up to & including Grade 75 minutes£6.00
PO19Adult up to & including Grade 76 minutes£7.00
The JOHN SMITH TROPHY is awarded for the best performance up to Year 7
ONE original work, not an arrangement, should be played.
Competitors must perform works of sufficiently high merit & difficulty.
PO20Challenge up to Year 4, Grade 3 +CHALLENGE CUP3 minutes£5.00
PO21Challenge up to Year 7 Grade 4 & aboveCHALLENGE CUP5 minutes£7.00
PO22JUNIOR up to Year 10 Grade 6 & aboveDINES TROPHY7 minutes£7.00
PO23SENIOR up to 6th formERSKINE TROPHY8 minutes£8.00
PO24Piano AdultPRUE TROPHY6 minutes£8.00
PO25Piano OpenMARSH CUP8 minutes£8.00
PO26Sonata, 1st mvt in classical form - OpenSKELTON CUP10 minutes£10.00
Own choice of two or three pieces in contrasting styles.
No competitor may enter more than one Recital Class. Original works, not arrangements should be played.
The programme will be marked as a whole, choice of music being taken into consideration.
PO27Piano Recital up to Year 7CHALLENGE CUP8 minutes£8.00
PO28Piano Recital up to Year 9CHALLENGE CUP10 minutes£10.00
PO29Piano Recital up to Year 11ASHWIN TROPHY12 minutes£11.00
PO30Piano Recital 6th formBAXTER-HULL TROPHY15 minutes£12.00
Pianists may select any ONE piece by JS Bach, Handel or Scarlatti
PO31Baroque Class up to Year 7BACH CUP3 minutes£5.00
PO32Baroque Class up to Year 11FESTIVAL CUP4 minutes£6.00
PO33Baroque Class OpenWATKINS CUP7 minutes£8.00
Romantic & Modern Piano
Own choice of any ONE work (not an arrangement) from a Romantic Composer 1831-1899
PO34Romantic Music up to Year 95 minutes£6.00
PO35Romantic Music Year 10 - adultHORSLEY CUP7 minutes£8.00
PO3620th / 21st Century up to 6th form
Own choice of one piece or several short pieces from the same set by either a living composer or one who has died since 1944, NOT pop music.
Jazz & Light Music
PO37Light Music - Open6 minutes£7.00
Arrangements of popular music from a Musical or a Show permitted
PO38Jazz up to Year 74 minutes£6.00
PO39Jazz up to Year 114 minutes£6.00
PO40Jazz - Open5 minutes£7.00
Own choice of any ONE work (not an arrangement) from any composer to fit nationality
PO41French Music - Open7 minutes£8.00
PO42Russian Music - Open7 minutes£8.00
PO43Spanish Music - Open7 minutes£8.00
PO44English Music - Open7 minutes£8.00
The WEY TROPHY is awarded for the best performance in National classes
One Piano - Duets
One or two short duets from the same book may be played in the following classes up to Year 11
Performances will take place in the Anniversary Halls St Catherine's School Bramley for Year 11 & Open classes
PO45Duet - Adult & Student Duet3 minutes£5.50
An adult (who may be a piano teacher) over 17 & a student under 14 years.
PO46Piano Duet up to Year 5RUTH GIPPS CUPS3 minutes£6.00
PO47Piano Duet up to Year 7CHALLENGE CUPS3 minutes£7.00
PO48Piano Duet up to Year 94 minutes£7.00
PO49Piano Duet up to Year 114 minutes£7.00
PO50Piano Duet - Open8 minutes£9.00
The PRIMO SECONDO CANDELABRA is awarded for the best performance in Open Duet & Two piano classes
Six hands on One Piano
One Piano. One or two short pieces from the same book may be played in these classes.
Performances will take place in the Anniversary Halls St Catherine's School Bramley
PO51Six Hands up to Year 9 #4 minutes£7.00
PO52Six Hands up to Year 13 #6 minutes£7.50
PO53Six Hands Open #7 minutes£8.00
# Contact Piano Section Secretary for list of possible repertoire for 6 & 8 hands
Two Pianos
Performances will take place in the Anniversary Halls St Catherine's School Bramley
PO54Two-Piano Duo up to Year 137 minutes£10.00
PO55Two-Piano Duo - Open7 minutes£10.00
PO56Eight Hands on two Pianos up to Year 13 #7 minutes£10.00
PO57Eight Hands on two Pianos - Open #7 minutes£10.00
PO58Concerto, any one movement - OpenCONCERTO TROPHY12 minutes£12.00
Competitor to provide own accompanist (who will not be adjudicated) for second piano.
The FESTIVAL TROPHIES will be awarded for the best performance up to Year 13 in Two Piano classes
Additional Trophies
Anna Franklin Award of £25 for most promising Junior pianist (up to Year 11)
Lucy Parham Trophy & Award of £50 for the most promising Senior pianist